Nature Photography Workshops

Are you are looking to increase your proficiency at capturing that decisive moment, getting the exposure that you wanted and producing that long sought after stunning composition?

Well then, you have come to the right place.

Wil and Donna have been teaching weekend and day long nature photography workshops aimed at the beginner and intermediate nature lover for 9 years. Helping students that want to capture their vision on film or digital is a passion for this team.

Locations will vary with the season and workshops are setup to start on Friday evenings and continue through noon on Sunday. There is plenty of time to shoot in the field as well as educational and entertaining classroom sessions that will drive home the skills and techniques that you need to get that once in a lifetime image.

Class size is limited to 10 participants. This allows for more of a one-on-one instructional environment.

See what previous workshop participants had to say about their experience.


2017 Schedule


Please check back soon for our 2017 schedule.



To register or to get further information please email us here:

We will send you an information packet with registration forms.


Below is a general outline of our Weekend Photography Workshops.  Depending on the location and weather, the times on Saturday may vary. In case of inclement weather we will lecture while it is raining and get out to do some photography when weather permits.


Friday evening 6:30-9:00


                        Who are you and why did you take this workshop?

                        What are you hoping to get out of this experience?

            "Seeing the Light"

            The exposure triangle

            Metering and Tones



         7:00-10:00                        Field Session

         10:00-10:30                        Break

            10:30-noon                        Composition and Equipment

            Noon-1:00                        Lunch

            1:00-2:30                        Equipment continued

            2:30-2:45                        Break

            2:45-4:00                        Exposure Review

            4:00-5:30                        Field Session

            5:30-7:30                        Dinner and Free time

            7:30-8:30                        Image Critique - bring 5-10 of your favorite images

                                                (slides, prints or digital) for a constructive critique



         7:00-10:00                        Field Session

            10:00-10:15                        Break

            10:15-noon                        Workflow and Review




Check back often for updates