About Us

About UsWil's Philosophy:

"I strive to achieve an image of a natural subject that conveys that beings essence and splendor. I use the camera as my net to capture that essence and the computer only to translate the captured image into a reflection of the reality that I experienced with the subject in the field. Over manipulating the gossamer of the captured image will only detract from the splendor that was originally there."

Wil Hershberger started recording natural sounds as part of a project studying Loggerhead shrikes for the Maryland DNR. During this time Wil attended the Natural Sounds Recording Workshop offered by Cornell's MaCaulay Library of Natural Sounds in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. A long and enduring relationship evolved with Wil archiving nearly 2000 recordings with the Library as of 2003. Subjects from birds to insects are represented in this collection. Many examples of unusual vocalizations of birds and a comprehensive collection of singing orthopterans are also included in the collection.

Wil has also been interested in photography ever since he was old enough to use his fathers meticulously cared for equipment. Recently Wil has changed to a Canon system which he loves. The results speak for themselves.