Nature Photography
and Natural Sounds Recording with
Wil and Donna Hershberger

Cerulean Warbler Here you will find a large and growing collection of exquisite images of birds, insects, mammals and other wildlife and nature subjects. As an avid birder, Wil specializes in images of birds in their natural settings. Taking advantage of years of experience observing and recording bird vocalizations, Wil is able to predict the bird's behavior to make striking images that convey the bird/habitat connection.

White-breasted nuthatch male





Nature Photo Gallery

The photo gallery conveys a crossection of Wil and Donna's work. Highly regarded images of birds in their natural setting depicting the bird in a natural behavior are key to the collection as well as wildflowers and scenics.

Wil also has an extensive collection of images of the singing orthoptera of eastern North America. Images of individual insects on vegetation typical for the species as well as stunning photos of the insects on a white background are included. Coverage of North American mammals is also represented.

Other macro subjects include wildflowers, the flowers of flowering trees, fungi, lichen etc. from eastern North America.


Nature Photography Workshops

Wil and Donna offer nature photography workshops for beginner and intermediate level photographers interested in capturing the beauty of nature on film or digital. If you are interested in taking your photography to the next level, learning about metering, reading tonalities and bringing back more keepers, Wil's workshops are what you have been looking for. See the workshops link for further details.